Kia Optima Gift card giveaway

On Sunday, February 6, 2011, during the first quarter of the SUPER BOWL, Kia will air the first new 2011 Kia Optima Commercial. In that commercial they will announce a free $25 Visa gift card offer just for test driving the new Optima. I encourage you to stop by in the next week and test drive the 2011 Optima and claim your $25 card. All you have to do is go to , fill out the certificate, print it out, and bring it in. I will sign your certificate and mail it to Kia Headquarters and within 4-6 weeks you will receive a $25 gift card, good anywhere Visa is accepted. (Only one card per household and you must be 18 with a valid driver’s license.) You will be doing me a favor and getting $25 bucks in the process, not to mention the opportunity to drive the most awesome vehicle on the market with absolutely no obligation to buy. 

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