Volvo XC90 Named the Least Expensive Car to Insure in the USA

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 13, 2011

Online auto insurance provider released their annual list of the least expensive cars to insure last week. A site offering free auto insurance quotes, 4 Auto Insurance Quote also features an extensive content library including insurance-related research reports, blog posts, and news articles. Apart from their auto insurance content, also has free tools and forums which help consumers track down the lowest cost auto insurance premiums. This is the third year in which 4 Auto Insurance Quote has released their report on the cheapest cars to insure. The results for 2011, they say, differ greatly from their findings in the previous years.

Cars that receive high safety rankings continue remain at the top of the least expensive cars to insure list for 2011. These cars are often large, spacious, and chock-full of safety features. The target market for these vehicles is often times families, or those who will be driving around children. Topping the list for the least expensive cars to insure this year is the Volvo XC90. After receiving perfect marks in all safety tests by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), says it’s no wonder that this SUV from Volvo is not expensive to insure.

The Swedish automaker Volvo is known worldwide for their commitment to safety. All Volvo vehicles stress car safety as the main part of their vehicles design’s. The XC90 is no exception. It was first released to the American public in 2003 and has received perfect ratings from the IIHS in every year since it’s release.    

“It’s no surprise to us that a Volvo-made vehicle is the cheapest (car to insure) this year. They seem to always be on our list,” owner James Shaffer says. “Last year, however, they weren’t the least expensive; that ranking belonged to the Chrysler Town and Country LX, a comfortable and spacious minivan. Both vehicles, however, are smart choices not only in terms of insurance costs, but for safety ratings as well.”
The XC90 is current available at Karp Volvo (, a divison of Karp Automotive.  Karp Automotive is a family owned and operated dealership since 1957 located in Nassau County on the South Shore of Long Island in Rockville Centre, NY between Baldwin and Lynbrook.  Since its inception, Karp Automotive has made a commitment to upholding its core values of integrity and honesty.  Karp is an active member of the community sponsoring many local outreach programs, community service projects, and community development initiatives.  This has made Karp Automotive widely regarded as “the Auto Authority” and providing a superior ownership experience.  As our customers would attest, there are many places a person can purchase a vehicle, but only here will you be treated like family by family.

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