2012 Volvo S60 earns IIHS Top Safety Pick award

2012 S60 Safety test

2012 S60 Safety test

Volvo can stick another feather in its safety cap. The 2012 S60 has officially been awarded an IIHS Top Safety Pick judgement by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. That means the sedan managed to net top ratings in all IIHS crash tests, including front, side, rollover and rear evaluations. Vehicles awarded the Top Safety Pick designation must also come standard with electronic stability control.

According to the IIHS, it’s been a while since the S60 has carried the institute’s highest honor. The vehicle’s previous generation had no problem netting good ratings in both front and rear tests, but was only rated as acceptable in side impact evaluations. Additionally, the new roof strength tests weren’t in place for the vehicle’s last iteration. IIHS says that Volvo improved the design of the S60 enough to net higher side impact ratings and pass the new rollover tests with flying colors.

IIHS says that the roof of the S60 stood up to 4.95 times the weight of the vehicle. Currently, the federal standard is only requires a vehicle to withstand a force equivalent to 1.5 times its weight.

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