Kia Optima Named “Most Gorgeous Car Under $20k”

KIA — By Logan Utsman on September 7, 2011 8:11 am



Esquire Magazine covers a myriad of subjects but when they are all brought together, the magazine’s purpose becomes clear.  It is a survival guide for the man who explodes style and power, helping him live his life in luxury and grace.  Catering to the aristocratic modern man, it came as a surprise that in Esquire’s annual “Design and Technology Awards”, the Korean automaker Kia’s shinning star was named the “Most Gorgeous Car Under $20K.” 

“The Optima is deceptively simple, yet classy enough that you never think to ask how much it costs. It’s proof that in 2011 good design is egalitarian,” said the editors at Esquire.  This award follows a slew of recognitions for the Kia Optima by the media.  Edmunds named it the “Editors’ Most Wanted”, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance named it a “2011 Best New Model” while Wards recently included the Optima in its “10 Best Interiors” list.  These awards are just more evidence that the Korean automakers are now ones to look for.

“The Koreans aren’t coming — they are here.”

Source: Esquire & Kia

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